Finnish Red Cross Youth shelters support young people and their families in life's small and big problems

Help a young person in Finland

The Finnish Red Cross youth shelters are open every night, ready to help

By setting up an online fundraiser, you help together:Thanks to you, a young person receives supper, discussion help and, if necessary, an accommodation. For example, for 10 euros a young person gets a supper and a discussion help in the Youth Home, for 100 euros a young person gets a starter pack for their own home.

Follow these steps:

1. Start a fundraiser

Choose your cause and start your fundraiser.

2. Invite your friends, work and family to get involved

Use social media or e-mail. Do this several times.

3. Thank your supporters

See their donations and messages appear on your collection page in real time. Thank them.

Support, security and activity

We offer help to young people and their relatives nationwide online. The shelters are located in five locations: The help is available around the clock on weekdays and in the evening and at night on the weekends. We offer young people a safe overnight stay if needed. The Youth Shelter also helps online in the chat service Sekasin (only in Finnish).

Active pages

Help a young person whose things are in a knot

Start your own collection and invite your friends to join in social media or by email. You are a fantastic digital fundraiser.

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