Make Hope Come True: Set up a Fundraiser.

We can help together

Do you want to change someone’s life?

Ask friends and family to mark your birthday, wedding or graduation with a donation to a cause that is important to you – or set up a collection challenge that will benefit a good cause. A collection is also a wonderful way of paying tribute to the memory of a loved one.

Follow these steps:

1. Start fundraising

Choose your cause and start your fundraiser.

2. Invite your friends, work and family to get involved

Use social media or e-mail. Do this several times.

3. Thank your supporters

See their donations and messages appear on your collection page in real time. Thank them.

Choose your cause

Hunger Day collection

Let´s act together on Hunger Day. You are a fantastic digital volunteer. Start your own Hunger Day fundraiser page and invite your friends to donate by email and social media.
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Disaster Relief Fund

Anyone can get into a sudden accident or in the middle of a catastrophe. Donations to the Disaster Fund guarantee quick relief.
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Lukukuu - help by reading

Welcome to create the Lukukuu collection for your class or school. You are an important part of the aid chain by providing your supporters an easy way to donate
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Help a young person in Finland

Let´s act together. Start your own collection and invite your friends to donate by email and social media. You are a fantastic digital fundraiser
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Active fundraisers

Let’s support each other. Forever.

You can help by collecting donations online! Start your own collection and invite your friends to join in social media or by email. You are a fantastic digital fundraiser.

Fundraisers in action

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